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Hye there.

Have you ever feel people around you very suffocating? yes indeed they care about you but sometimes they make you miserable. I heard some bad talking about myself. Everything I do is wrong. Everything I want is wrong. Who am I to satisfy them? I am not a magician who can give them whatever they want by simply swing my magic star. *sighhh..

Until yesterday i can't hold my patience any longer. It has reached its maximum level for a such long time. I'm sorry for not following your words. I'm sorry if my silence enough for you to say i am a rude girl. For some reason I hate myself for whom am I. To speak out what I felt is something that very difficult for me to do. Especially when i have to against people. Can someone tell me what it takes to be an extrovert?sad

Dear you.
I'm truly sorry. For what you've done yesterday is all enough. 


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