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It has been a very very long time since I left blogging! now i come back again! (trase gian mau menulis maa)

you noe..i have finished my professional exam about 2 weeks ago. seriously..tat was the worst moment i ever felt. lots of stress and tears ofcos! pantang bersolat siket..mesti mengalir air mata. n the worst is..when it come hearing my mother's voice on the phone..and i started to cry and cry. it was not a usual cry u noe? this time was different. it flow heavily without u to have the urge to. hurmm. betullah wut my professor told us tat "if you're given 1 million dollars just to re-seat for the professional exam..it is not something worth for" huhu.

so we have to sit for an OSCE on the first day of exam which consists of 22 stations without rest station ofcos! and the questions given can be varied. any question from tat particular department can come out. huhh.

the second day until the fifth day we have a theory paper. each paper carried 100 marks!! unfortunately..tis is an un-gapped exam. at tat moment u feel like wanna die. very2 exhausting!

So here we go. we able to finish the first week of exhausting theory paper. the following week was for clinical exam!! tis is really2 scary!

for clinical exam we've divided into different groups. there were 6 groups. each group for different day. unlucky for the first group bcos they have to sit for clinical exam on monday! (with 2 days gap before clinical exam..it is something tat even scarier!)

Alhamdulillah for me..my turn was on wednesday! so means i have 4 days gap before i face my clinical exam! on tat particular day..we have to face 1 long case on the morning and 4 short cases on the afternoon. really tiring huh.

and Al-Mighty Allah is just great! Allahuakbar..Subhanallah. he smoothed my clinical exam day. i got fibroid case for my long case and my examiners (prof syu and prof zul) were so nice to me.

first..i've wait patiently in front of my patient's room. dont ask how many selawat and zikir i've read. bcos the nervousness..ur lips keep busy for good :)

once i entered my patient's room..i introduce myself to the patient and my attendant(macik tuh sgt baek. baek sgt!!). macik attendant keep calling me "doctor". owhhh..melted. i mean tis heart :)

u're given 45 minutes to finish clerking and do all relevant physical examinations. so i able to finish it with extra 8 minutes. (dont worry..u'll be provided with stopwatch nnt) bcos my patient is single and nulliparrous..it easier for me to skipped bnyk history :)

haaabes je 45minutes..my attendant brought me to 1 table for me to summarize and organize my thought before presenting my case to d examiners. i've give 15 minutes for tat. 15 minutes seems to be longer kan? but not for this time! it just like 15 seconds!

so the time has come for me to see my examiners then! once i entered..prof syu gave me a very big smile! i apparently became more nervous bcos prof syu is known as silent killer! her smile tak boleh percaye sgt! at tat moment..i forced myself to reply her smile. then after introducing..she invited me to sit and presenting my case.

without interruption from my examiners..I've enjoyed presenting! I'd gained confidence little by little from tat. syukur alhamdulillah..after presenting..both my examiners brought me to the patient again to present my finding on physical examination. and it went smoothly..Alhamdulillah.

questions by questions they asked me untill you not even sedar pon mase 30 minit hamper habes. i have another 7 minutes by tat time..and they both released me :)))

i was so happy. and again Alhamdulillah..

in the afternoon..i have 4 short cases pulak! perghh..tp okeyla. 10 minutes each station. 7 minutes for the examination and 3 minutes for the discussions/questions. as usual..the case given can be varied and random. it based on ur luck wut cases u might get. huhu

for me..i got stroke..hydrocele..polyhydramnios and neonatal screening stations! and all examiners kire mcm ok2 laa. not too nice. not too garang!

FINISH jer exam you are the happiest person!! happy sgt!! rasa sgt lega dr 1 bebanan yg sgt2 besa! :)


raja ikan disamping duyung said...

:D . I feel so symphaty at you. but dont worry its will help you soon. hard n tears! go jue!

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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