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Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love

but, that doesn't mean your love become less

or make you love them any less

Magically sometimes it make your love even deeper

and you may love them even more .

love, jules.


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lalang :)

. i jus love the colour .

~ listening to sungai Lui, by Aizat ~
i noe where sungai Lui located is..its just near to air terjun gabai :)

@broga hills

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It always be a Saturday.
Yes it is.

Saturday, 27th November. We went to Broga Hills. Tell u wut, its a very nice place IF you able to reach the highest hills lah kan raised eyebrows. I am one of the persons who are very excited to go up there. But, unfortunately too exhausted without a water im just reach the second puncak, there are 4 puncak if im not mistaken. Too bad isn't it?

We arrived at 6.30am, a little bit late from wut has planned (sorry guys for the lateness)sad. And only by tat time im realized how important to listen to our parent's advices.

"nak pegi subuh2??along nnti jgn lupe bawak torch lite" pesan abah.

...and as expected, i didn't bring a torch lite. Stupid isn't it? luckily, by 6.30am its not tat dark untill u cannot see at all. sumore, there r so many people going up to the hills too happy.

Feels like jungle tracking. tapi naseb baek lah xde lintah ke pacat ke ape. Naseb bek!! hehe..So, going up to the hills very tired. If you plan to go to Broga Hills, please, please, please lah bawa mineral water. Jangan jadik mcm sy, g daki bukit tak bawa mineral water. Spoil betol!

So, daki punye daki..sampai la puncak. u noe wut, feels sangat puas. Puas melihat alam ciptaan Allah. Sangat chantek. along the journey to the hills, i got to see a sunrise. Very very impressive. Chantek nye langit di kala itu. Mixed of colour from dark blue, lite blue, orange and white..sgt chantek..rays of sunshine fall to the green ground, lg lah..sgt chantek sekali big grin. Kalau lah bole tengok ari2 kan best happy.

We were there untill 9am. 300 plus plus been captured. eheheheh. lepas naek bukit tuh, mestilah kene turun jugak kan? ehe, part turun ni mmg sy suke. Laju jek turun. weeeeee~

pictures will be uploaded later. Now a bit sleepy lorh..Tomorrow! yup, tomorrow i will start another "interesting" posting, i guess.. psychiatry posting big grin. Mase untuk berjiwe jiwe plak pas nih..ehe!!

lui river

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Pejamkan matamu untukku
Dengarlah dunia berkata-kata
Usah kau ragu di sini tempatmu
Walau berubah di mata kita tetap indah
Selagi kau masih percaya

Ketawa kecewa terpisah
Jalan yang lurus kian berhalang
Adakah semua ini yang ku inginkan
Ataupun hanya mengejar dunia semata-mata
Ku harap ku masih percaya

Adakah semua ini yang ku inginkan
Ataupun hanya mengejar dunia semata-mata
Ku harap kau masih percaya

Buka matamu
Biar aku memelukmu
Kita bersama masih muda masih mentah
Ku harap kau masih percaya

Selama ini selama ini
Selama ini selama ini
Selama ini selama ini
Selama ini

A very nice song and melody by Aizat, named sungai lui.

wondering knape name lagu ni sungai lui yek??

hurmmm thinking

De' Estet

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me and nana, my bes fren
3 girls having a good time
nana :)
me and my dear little sister, syira
syok sendiri, terkerat kepale adek sendirik. ehehe
is wondering..
apetuh syira?? :D

muke kepenatan :) sian die..

It was a very beautiful saturday, november thirteen and it was like a blast day to me bcos, my very old2 bes fren came and stayed at my house for 2 days. we had a very good time together. We spend time going outing and meet up some other friends too big grin. Taw2 jela ape yg akan jadi bile kawan lame berjumpe and all the stories, gossips been shared. Lebih2 lagi kalau kawan sesame perempuan kan? ehehehe winking. D best part is syira, my little sister came along. sambel2 bw die jenjalan, bley ler die tlg tgkp kn gambar kan..batting eyelasheshehe. thanks syira! sbb tlg tgkap kan gamba along ngan kak nana. eheee..

Since im just finishing my second triad posting, already presented my case write ups to supervisor, and completed my case write up it was kind a relieve!!

Triad posting consists of 3 postings within 8 weeks which are ear nose and throat posting, ophthalmology posting and anesthesiology posting. hectic? yup confirm2 lah hectic kan? bcos you need to complete all the things that you are assigned to do. Like wat one of the doctor said "triad posting is the time when you have to make urself busy with logbook, lectures, clinics, tutorials, and case write up". And 1 more thing, u have to complete all the things within a very short time straight face

Having said tat, triad posting is one of the best posting bcos its a very different feeling compared to other major posting since you finished a posting in a very short time. saturday and sunday break feels like mid semester break even though its only 2 days holiday tongue

Now, im on my way finishing anesthesiology posting. Anaes, an intresting posting too big grin but....too many drugs woo. hhuhu

Tak saba nk masok posting psychiatry..ley rilek2 siket happy

Before tat, x saba nk hbeskan posting triad ni jugak. Broga hills, here we come. InsyaAllah raised eyebrows

~ listening to maher zain, insyaallah ~
he got such a wonderful voice isn't it?

5 minutes

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now i noe why do i love editing pictures
its just because i love to

just before sleep,
if its not only for five minutes,

im going to say how i love to miss you.

love, jules.


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inbetween : your journey and mine

Though its two different journey my dear, there will be couple of moments when we share same degree in life's cycle. For that, always remember he never far away :)

syira's day

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It was sunday and syira's day. She was so happy obviously.

She was asking me to bring her to cosmo world a very long time ago. Since she finished her exams, i brought her here. Since then too i realized, my dearest little sister is grown up already!!

Many funny moments we had together. Der was a time when we ride spinning orbit, few dialog tat burst my laugh out.

" dah. dah. dah.stoppp!! abg..stop. stop!! " hahaha. i just cant stop laughing :D

"dahla...sy kate stop..sssstopp!" ahahahaha!

So syirah, as along promise to you.