1st day tanjung karang

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sebelum bertolak..tunggu bas sampai almost 2 hours!!haiyya..
uuuuu..muncung nye mulot semue org.. :D

we arrived tanjung karang already!!bestlah tempat nih..(saye suke! suke sangat!)..perghhh penat betol arini..packing barang, angkat barang, dari tingkat 4 pulak tuh..pastu da sampai sini, unpacking balek..naseb baek kat sini sejuk! lega la sket bile sampai..

we planned so many activity..harap sangat kali ni posting yg sgt enjoy! xmo tension2 dah.. :D

ahhhhh...baterry almost 0%. to be continued!

thank god, maxis broadband nye line sangat laju.. weeee~ :D

to you, i miss you

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“I miss you when something really good happens, because you are the one I want to share it with"

" I miss you when something is troubling me, because you are the one who understands me so well."

" I miss you when I laugh and cry because i know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear."

" I miss you all the time."

" but I miss you the most when i lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent together for those were some of the best times of my life.”

to you, i miss you.

laughter :)

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say cheeeese!! tunjukkan gigi anda =D

saye da mcm cikgu tadika daaa..hehe

take our pikcha please!! heee..

yes!! we laugh tru all the time when we were in there. in zoo negara lah. sounds funny rite??

"Pergi zoo??biar betol..buat ape kat situ?" one of my cousin, Zul, asked me.

"heyy, dont judge it. have you ever been there before?"

"hahah..tempat budak2" anoyyed me ofcos!!

"heyy old man! memang la tempat budak2..tak kan la budak2 pegi tanpa adult kot"

We went to zoo negara last christmas. Its so so so tiring but we do having so much fun. I brought along with me my adek2 and cousins..bring them together its not tat easy. i really watched them out. put my extra extra careful so tat im not going to miss them anywhere in the zoo. Hey! Its christmas laa, public holiday. Nauzubillah, ramai betol manusia. Memang betol2 1 malaysia lah!

If i were to compare zoo negara sekarang dengan yang dulu, memang sangat jauh bezanye!! Zoo negara sekarang da sangat chantek dan berseh!! trem die pon da canggeh. More comfortable. Walaupon hari panas, tak terase sangat bahang nyer, sbb..bnyk pokok! haa itulah gune nyer tumbuhan hijau kan?..talking about the animals there pulak, ade banyak taman2 yang baru di bina, including, taman rama2, birds world, bees world, aquariums, reptile world..dan banyak lagi! Tapi, ade jugak certain2 animals yg memang da terlalu tue dimamah usie! :D

i was so happy lah bawa budak2 kecik ni pegi jalan2..one thing about these children, they very courious to noe bout something. They asking too many questions. Thank god, the knowledge i learnt still in my brain. Kalau tidak malu je x dapat jawab soklan mereke! heee.. :D

Okeyla..need to pack things for JKM!! huhuhu..
Moge selamat perjalanan, Amin ;)

aih, senangnye dlm hati =)

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future doctor yg cute nieh.. :)
pandai men stetescope dah nih
pandai men ketok2(percuss) dada org dah nih
sapa aja nih? ;)

many faces of aqis

cuti da habes..
rase sekejap sgt..x puasnyer!
i want some more holidays please!

"sambung mase jkm okey"

"okey " :)

today was first day of jkm posting
sleepiness betol lah
lecture dari pagi smpi petang!
wah, membelai mate menjadi layu
layu layu dan terus layu

like pipah's facebook status, 'aihhh, sng nye dalam hati'.. =)

~ listening to blow me a kiss, git fresh ~

my december

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Today when i woke up, the feeling is so different. the house seems to be a noisy place to be. Not as usual. then i realized, here we come, mid semester holiday + school holiday. i only have 1 schooling lil brother and sister. both grew up already. but, why the house is so bising? ( macam pasar daa).

then, i opened my room door, "aaaloooongg!!". they shouted. MasyaAllah, terkujat. kalau la ade heart attack, da lame da sampai emergency kene resuscitate.

Haish, "mane datang budak ramai2 nih?". hmmm, they all were my litle litle cutey cousins. Semue sebaye Asyira, my lil sister, mane la tak bising rumah. Dari kecik sampai ke besa, semue ade.

"along, jom pegi zoo!!, lame tak pegi zoo"..(dah, dah mule dah..)

"duet, mne duet?" im asking.

"alaa, along belanje lah, kan ade duet jpa"..exophtalmos state for few minutes. mane la si kecik ni taw pasal jpa jpa nih..ishk2, budak zaman sekarang! i smiled. adoilaaa budak2 nih..

"kalo adek dapat nombor 1 sampai 10 boleh la along bawak g zoo..ini x, nombor 19!!"

"eh ok la nombor 19, kawan adek tuh dapat nombot 31". hahaha,..macam nak lesing je budak kecik sorang nih..hahaha. boleh la plak die jawab gitu..

i remembered, during when i was litle, eventhough i got best result, tak kire lah number 1, 2, 3 atau 5 sekali pon, im not brave enough to ask for a thing. instead, i dont noe to whom to ask for. Even, when there is a day called "hari anugerah cemerlang", i went without for anyone to accompany me. talking about jealousy to see other children accompanied by their parents, i had enough to encounter those kind of feeling. my parent's attention more towards my other siblings.my adek adek..

when i grow up, i feel so much relieved. bcos, my parents seems to be believed on me. they believed that i can be independant, able to think wisely and look after my own safety..though, i came home late at night, they not asking too much, bcos they believed me. compared to my lil sister, angah. Whenever angah go, mak and abah will ask angah untill no more "w" questions to ask.

so, this december..mak asking me to bring my adek2 keluar berjalan2..cuti sekolah pon dah nk habes..walaupon destination yg dekat2 je, but i think it would be so much fun!! terase diri ini dah begitu dewase la plak bile di amanahkan untuk membawa sikecik2 nih (xdela kecik sgt..kehkehkeh):D it would be zoo negara, aquaria and one movie. yey!! im hoping dis holiday not so bored as i imagined..

oppppss, aquaria?ahaaa..it will bring back the memory for sure :)

~ listening to lenka, the show ~ hihihi

habes suda :)

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15 disember 2009

Finally, habes jugak internal medicine nye posting. berakhir nye juge exam osce clinical. wah, sangat gembire..tak macam osce clinical ong..(why im comparing these two postings so much?)
t r a u ma kottt..hehehe

after dis, im having 5 days mid semester holidays! yey!! before entering JKM posting. Masuk kampung wat survey plak..tak saba nih nk g jkm..wards free, hirup udare segar~

hmmm, pejam celik pejam celik, half of the 4th semester dah berlalu..cepatnyer mase berjalan! terase baru semalam masok wad IM. terase macam baru semalam pegi ward, rayau2 kat ward, ambek darah, clerk patient, wat PE..


Tapi honestly, terase posting internal medicine ni posting paling best lah..compared to ong and surgery postings. Registra registra IM baek2..supervisors pon baek n yg plg penting, banyak teaching!! we siap decide untuk beli gifts untuk our supervisors taw, Prof fauzi and Dr hasnur. Two of them are marvelous! :D baek sangat. Lagi 1, IM posting banyak best findings..physicians department la katekan. Most of the theory things that i've learned during preclinical year only can be seen now. from the smallest thing like fingers clubbing untill the biggest things like hepalomegaly and splenomegaly. Its the posting that u can look and feel for all the clinical findings!! too bad for patients to have the findings :( but lucky for us to be able to learn.

Every posting, i learnt so many differents things. so many. but clearly, this posting encounter high mortality cases. i saw few deaths in front of me. i heard people crying, i saw them regret not to be able to be on time when their family dies. pity of them. this is life, people come and go, but we have to let go when the time comes.

another thing i realized,

“You have to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you got and remember what you had. Always forgive and never forget, learn from your mistakes but never regret. People change, things go wrong, just remember life goes on.” ;)

“If life gives you hundreds of reasons to cry.
then show life you have a million reasons to smile”

so, senyum senyum selalu wokeyh!! xmao wat muke ketat ketat :D

senyum is one of the awet mude tips :DD

~ listening to lenka, the show ;) ~

t i m e

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taaraaa!!~ its 10th December 2009 now. cepat betol mase berlalu. lagi 21 hari da masok tahon baru..wahhh!! wut i've been doing all year long in 2009? is there any successful improvement? wahhh!! cannot think any of one!!

Another 4 days to go for the internal medicine short case exam. cuakklaaaah :((
IM, please dont be so hard as i was in ong before :D

here, im wishing those who are sitting for IM short case very soon. the very best of luck guys :) and ofcos, happy holidays to the others.

~ cant wait for JKM. wardsfreetime :) ~

miss my mate (=_=)

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it has been a while since i met her and her. both were my best friends. both happened to have a very similar story to share with slightly different events occurred. still both have the same ending. yet, for the time being. for wut has happened to them stimulates me to think. over and over. again and again. at some point, little bit, it also makes me scared.

after a years of having some sort of thing tat we called "a relationship", they end up with broke up. with the same reason. interference of third party. many friends of mine were asking me "still dengan yg lame ke?" wut does it means? sometimes i dont noe how to answer them. Easily, i smiled :) (Alhamdulillah, still)

dulu. i only know long distance relationship doesn't work. really. tru my novels reading. all having a different endings. Jarang ade long distance relationship works out. i experienced it myself now. it takes a lot of things to be sacrificed for. time. time especially. distance limits the time of being together. physically seeing, talking, smilling, sharring, communicating to each other. it needs a lot, a lot of patience. faith. trust. honesty. understanding. loyalty. appreciation.

it measures how deep ur trust, faith and loyalty is to ur love one. instead, your understanding and honesty also being tested. i believe, dis not applies to long distance relationship only. it applies to a thing called "relationship". but, obviously, it takes more when it comes to long distance relationship. appreciation to our love one and afraid of losing each other are tremendously essential. bcos, it will drive us to be loyal one.

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”

—Kahlil Gibran.

isn't it so true?

Another thing, jealousy is one of the main thing that we have to avoid to. Cemburu tande nye sayang. Yes i agree!! Sometimes in a while, we have to. we tend to. tapi tidaklah cemburu yang memvavi bute. cemburu yang melampao tidak kire pada tempatnyer.


"Besides, to noe we missing each other so deeply, it drives me to move on another step forward :)"..

i always remember,

"i really want make dis relationship works out"..

"me too. seriously"..

(: miss my mate. so much :)

uncommon november

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meet my old old best friend, nana.
love you nana :)

having a great internal medicine workshop time

with my clinical ward group mate, wan mahsuri :D
dis november has made us rajen!!
thanx november!!

playing volley ball for third year med student

KTDI's bowling tournament

Another moments, having fun outing with ezzati and mellisa.
atypical Eid Adha at KL
Too bad, no photos captured :((

i've been counting days so much lately
i love red colour nowadays
wer is purple hiding
i just dont noe

purple, violet come back to me please
bcos, purple = unchangeable

These are the reasons why it is called
uncommon november