breach of contract

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Recently i face another feeling. A feeling tat make my heart tender. It usually happened to a woman. i said usually. If you ever ask any woman..they probably will give a pain description like this.."deep sharp pain on the left side of the chest". non radiating ofcos! kalau radiate tuh da mcm heart attack la pulak kan. hehe

Guess wut? It is a jealousy type of pain. i never felt tis kind of pain before. it was my first time. and i tell is hurtful. Thankful it happened! bcos..with tat i became realize tat i love tat person more than i expected(^^). 

So guys..jealousy is somethg good ke? or the other way around? it is good! jealousy is good! but it always be bad if it exist excessively! there was a psychologist who wrote about jealousy and she described jealousy as a dumbbell shape graph! can u imagine? level of jealousy versus level of love! fuhhhh..da mcm stress dumbbell graph je I tgk! but it makes sense! if you get jealous too excessive..the love graph will drop in the same manner too..huhu. 

People always says "think before u act". so why dont you think before you act? women easily gone irrational. i admit it. they are sensitive. they are easily get irritable. and they are easily get blown by their emotions! again..i admit it. but only few who are really use their brain instead of their feeling. i am surrounded by many friends who get wounded by jealousy. somehow..their experience has taught me the meaning of think and patience. 

 So wut makes people stay in love? like wut William Shakespeare said.."falling in love is easy but staying in love is hard". it becomes harder if you are apart. I've watched 1 of Dato' Fadzillah Kamsah programme recently. ape tah tajuk nye..but it is in the tv! he said couples that compliment each other stay longer than couples that don’t. Such things as ‘you look beautiful’, ‘that’s a beautiful dress’, ‘I love your hairstyle’, ‘after all these years, I still love the way you smile’, such things should never forgotten. Whatever you admired about that person when you first met, should continue. Whatever you liked about that person when you first met, should continue. Whatever made you fall in love with that person, should continue. huhu.. 

The best part in his talk was "breach of contract". Dont ever ever breach the contract between two! people starts their relationship based on idea to keep each other till the end(this is exception for the liers lah kan). then they start promising each other. promising is easy but committing to make it happen is difficult. that is why knowing each other is real necessary to start a relationship. one might step away from the idea to keep each other till the end after sometime of feeling unsatisfied. without a good communication between two..heart broken is its risk!usually..only one sided get the risk. seems to be unfair kan? huhu 

One of the thing tat is being highlighted by dato' is communication. women are well known of their non verbal communication (which is not good..dato' yg cakap ye). i myself selalu je non verbally show off my emotion. hehe! wut to a woman too! a good communication is with open mind and heart. The willingness to share stories and feelings. To forgive and improve each other for a long lasting relationship :) 

Hence..i myself pon kene less kan my non verbal communication for my better relationship! hehe. 


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