simple celebration

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" yeay!! happy - birthday - to - me !!" heheh!

strawberry marshmellow cheeeeeese cake! yummy!!

happy birthday raden!! we love you !!

thanx to ana n syafiq sudi teman saye!

and to you too zahin, thanx alot!! too bad mina cannot join us :(

a simple surprise birthday cake and im truly sorry for the simple celebration dear sad insyaAllah next time, will be more meriah than tis.

wishing you a happy birthday

Semoge panjang umur dumurahkan rezeki dan sihat2 selalu happy

lol , jules.

Another year of Aidilfitri Celebration

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Ffffuhhh..raye tahun ni sgt2 best! cuti for a week without worrying about exam! for the first time since 7 years i am finally a after-raya exam-free student!!
Back to kelantan early morning of 1st Syawal. back in KL late night of third Syawal. Owhhh man, wut a journey!! wpon bukan saye yg drive, still sgt memenatkan!!
Visited relatives after 2 years x jumpe..this aidilfitri celebration really help us to meet up! best!!big grin
Aidilfitri tis year has surprised me, He came back to Malaysia happy wut made it special was he showed up infront of me out of sudden! Tolong jangan buat lg please..bley saket jantung nnti.. ^^,
May this aidilFitri bring us more blessings from Almighty Allah..
Salam lebaran, maaf zahir batin..