not so high, not so cold :D

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Arrived genting at 9.00 am! not so cold, tp sebenanyer cold la jugak! kabus tebal gilak! me and him, in purple!

ikmal and her special boyfriend, ikmal!! in yellow, so sweet big grinkonon, hehe~
ni pon konon gak nih, hehe!
ikmal, facial expression tak ikhlas sbb kene pakse ngn ain tgkap gamba!!raised eyebrows
si kurus dan si tembam ye!straight face
kan lebih menarek kalo background tuh mcm puas hati ngn posing ikmal compare to ain..big grin
boating time! yellow attire with yellow boat! nice!
we chose red happy

see, background yg chantek dilindung oleh kabus yg tebal!
seiras lah mereke nih!! betol kate chupa, my coursemate..
wheels yg tersangat lah slow! da la pusing sekali round jek!
kabus + angin! bes sebab sejuk..hbes kelepet tudung gueh!
kredit to ain, i like dis shot so much dear!!
ain nmpk tinggi! sbb batu yg dipijak nyer~
me and ain
again, me and ain
shot ni pon chantek, kredit to ain!
i got to thanks to both of them, seriously. thanks guys!
weeeee~ (xtaw nk komen ape sbenanyer!!haha)
cam kluang man la pacik sorg nih big grin
urghh, muke bosan ku ini!
pirate ship! sesak nafas gueh!
peace yol!!

alternately, ain n ikmal ride pirate ship!yeayyyy!!
habes suda cerita2 di genting. perjalanan yg sgt best, seronok, happy, ape lg eh? tp seriously, sgt penat..wut to say, name pon jalan2 kan?

btw, sebelom terlupe, billions thanks to dzuratul ain, ikmal muaz yg sudi berdouble date ngn saye dan raden asyraf reza. dis is the second time. ya, so agree with ain. its so called annually double date! hehe, so to tat person, sile balek lagi taon depan yeh? happy

dis gonna be a best memories of us. will miss you even more soon dear happy

~ in love with a song named, just the way you are, bruno mars ~

after 7 years since 15

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weeeeee~ we met again girls after 7 years!
seronok sangat..friends forever girls :)

nana-ratna-fiza..and me! we were good friends since form one..and Alhamdulillah, our friendship still lasting untill now..guys, i want you all to know tat, you all are such a good friend of mine! thanks for ur love and care. semoge persahabatan ini kekal selamenyer!

muahhh! love you all girls..

~ listening to alejandro, ladygaga~