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18 febuari 2011

terime kaseh

terime kaseh Ya Allah

terime kaseh atas nikmat yang ko berikan ini

syukur alhamdulillah

sungguh diri ini gembira


perjalananku ini masih jauh

kawan2 same2lah kite berdoa agar dipermudahkan

segale urusan kita di masa hadapan

kepada yg masih dalam ujian DIA

aku doakan korg berjaya

semoge berjumpe lagi di tahun akher



ms and mr doctor

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miss doctor


mister doctor


~ InsyaAllah , amin ~


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I hate whenever you ignore me for so long
but then

by saying simplest things
you make me smile

by siting next to me doing absolutely nothing
you make my heart beating so fast

all the moments we had for this february

has made me realize that

when you really love someone
distance is just a number


Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.

For this special relationship we had Dear,
i hope we can make it happened till the end

dear february

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Dear February,

i just finished my 8th semester exam!

as expected,

the questions were so hard to answer sad

just hoping my prayer is being blessed by Allah


and february, im still waiting ..

girl's loudest cry

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.. picture from masterwks ..

believe or not

" silence is a girls's loudest cry "


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Im still awake

Is it due to stress that i hardly to fall asleep?

Ohhh, its so suffering when u wanna sleep so bad

but then you cant even close your eyes .

this psychiatry mode exam really2 put me on the low mood ..


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8th february 2011 , 3.23am

In a way , it makes me sad sad