simple celebration

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" yeay!! happy - birthday - to - me !!" heheh!

strawberry marshmellow cheeeeeese cake! yummy!!

happy birthday raden!! we love you !!

thanx to ana n syafiq sudi teman saye!

and to you too zahin, thanx alot!! too bad mina cannot join us :(

a simple surprise birthday cake and im truly sorry for the simple celebration dear sad insyaAllah next time, will be more meriah than tis.

wishing you a happy birthday

Semoge panjang umur dumurahkan rezeki dan sihat2 selalu happy

lol , jules.

Another year of Aidilfitri Celebration

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Ffffuhhh..raye tahun ni sgt2 best! cuti for a week without worrying about exam! for the first time since 7 years i am finally a after-raya exam-free student!!
Back to kelantan early morning of 1st Syawal. back in KL late night of third Syawal. Owhhh man, wut a journey!! wpon bukan saye yg drive, still sgt memenatkan!!
Visited relatives after 2 years x jumpe..this aidilfitri celebration really help us to meet up! best!!big grin
Aidilfitri tis year has surprised me, He came back to Malaysia happy wut made it special was he showed up infront of me out of sudden! Tolong jangan buat lg please..bley saket jantung nnti.. ^^,
May this aidilFitri bring us more blessings from Almighty Allah..
Salam lebaran, maaf zahir batin..


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you may be HER first. But you may not be HER first either. HER last. or HER only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect. You aren't either. But the two of you may be perfect together. Complete each other. If you hold into HER and give HER the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break - HER heart. So, don't hurt HER. Don't change HER. Don't analyze HER. Don't expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy. Let HER know when she makes you mad. Miss her when she's not there.

Once heart broken, it will bleed, wounded and get scarred. Promising is easy but promise sincerely.

- Bob Marley -

different flavors

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you are sometimes..

honey dew





I love different flavors of you

to you,

GoooooodLux on your final exam!!
My prayer always be with you big hug

L . 0 . L

. jules .


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a final year
medical student

wonder if am able to survive.

ohh im distressing right now.


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i . miss . you

a lot


first seven weeks :)

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Paediatric community visit, visiting tadika perpaduan somewhere in petaling jaya. Having lots of fun doing activities with the children cool Kids nowadays are so smart!! they did well in all the activities and game winking

Tutti Frutti time. Im so in love with this delicious yummy frozen yogurt big grin (hurm trase teringin nak makan la plak bile tgk gmba nih!! )

we enjoying our own's choices of flavors batting eyelashes

satisfied smile huh? happy

Seoul garden time!! winking enjoying so called Kimchie Soup with barbecue. ala2 buffet, all you can eat without limited time winking

So thats it!! first 7 weeks of final year, still survive after had gone tru first posting (baru first posting, kecohlah! hehehe) . 4 postings more to go. chayok2!!

precious moon

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~ ignorance ~

One day you might wake up from sleep and realize that you have lost the precious moon because you are too busy counting stars.

proud of you!

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Distance knows no distance when someone means so much.

Its 5.02 in the morning while i write this entry, second last day before Syawal. Agak calm and happy to sambut raya dis year because after 7 years i am finally a after raya exam-free student. hehe.

Its a bit sad in here however to know hes not going back. but, i prepared myself at the first place as he has warned me earlier. So, taklah sedey sangat kan?

If he can be that strong n tough inside. Why can't I??

You know wut my dear, I am proud of you happy

Stay strong dear!

With tat, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Everyone!!
Maaf Zaher Baten!! angel

im coming home

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I'm coming home . I'm coming home . Tell the World I’m coming home . Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday . I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes . I’m coming home , I’m coming home .

sounds 'gedik' rite. but it is wut i feel. now .

" dont ask urself why you wanna be a doctor. At this point, you should ask yourself why you have to be a doctor. If you dont have the answer then just walk away from medicine "

for some few minutes, i still cant think any of better answer

not even one

14 hours

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Dear blog ,

Im so so so tired today..

looking back

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i always knew looking back

on the tears would make me laugh.

but i never knew looking back
on the laugh would make me cry.


tanya sama pokok

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Tersesat malu bertanya
Tak tahu tak tahu ke mana
Terlalu banyak alasannya
Ku terdiam

Menyusur di kaki lima
Terlihat bayang wajah kelmarin
Tersentuh hati bagai luruh

Tanya sama pokok apa sebab goyang
Jawab angin yang goncang
Terbang burung terbang
Patah sayap diduga
Seandainya rebah
Kau masih ada

Terlalu mahu dan mahu
Terlupa apa yang perlu
Terlalu banyak alasannya
Duduk terdiam

Tak mudah namun tak susah
Terserah atas pilihan
Tersentuh hati mula luruh

Tanya sama pokok apa sebab goyang
Jawab angin yang goncang
Terbang burung terbang
Patah sayap diduga
Seandainya rebah
Kau masih ada

Terlalu mahu dan mahu
Terlupa apa yang perlu
Terlalu banyak alasannya
Duduk terdiam

Tak mudah namun tak susah
Terserah atas pilihan
Tersentuh hati mula luruh
Tanya sama pokok

~ listening to pokok, meet uncle hussain feat hazama ~

nice song happy

love letter

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Have you ever write a letter to someone beforethinking ? to someone who you know will appreciate the surprise. to spill your thoughts and feelings outlove struck . It may seem like a waste of time isn't it? but you’ll get to feel the absolute relaxing, inspiring feeling and touched while writing.

Letter writing is something which has forgotten nowadays right? which we use to call or message people, or access the internet to email one another, connect with each other via social networking websites esp facebook! Well such ways are easy at times, it doesn’t hurt to sit down and put pen to paper to write by hand. but it is significantly enjoyable if you write a letter to someone who you love, or who means a lot to you. if tat someone got a very pure heart, he/she will appreciate tat more than anything. it begins with surprisingly curious as he/she open that envelope, turning the pages, and ingesting each and every word as your eyes scan over your lover’s handwriting.

Isn't that sweet? weee~blushing

Since i enter paediatrics posting, i get to know that every developmental milestones of your baby is very important. It really precious to see you baby as small as your palm getting bigger and grower!

I got the chance to see this one nice young mother, who had her own love letters compilation (like dairy book. chantek sgt!) regarding her so touched to see it! every chapter sweetly written by her. she begun the love letter to her baby by describing how happy she was by the time she knew she got pregnant, and she still write every single happy n sad moments until now! hoooh, chomeylnye! i'll make sure i also have one in the future! big grin

so future2 mother in the world, lets start writing love letter to your baby!! hehe

" Writing a letter, its just you, the paper, the pen, and your thoughts. "

turner's syndrome

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yuhuuu~ hectic week before entitle as PRHO (pre registered house officer) kononnye. tp seriously penat gile gile gile punye. cuak tak yah cakap lah kan. setiap kali ward round jantung ni rase berdegup x tentu arah jadinye. ape mau buat? bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang kemudian loh. kene marah puas2 dulu, tapi nnti mase dah keje pon kne marah gak. hurmm. wah, dis week i learn so many things in the ward, the best is second time tengok turner syndrome patient (Dahla patient ni mengaku selalu kene panggil untuk professional exam, so lagi la semangat ingat muke patient nih) hehe.

so revising myself, turner syndrome punye clinical features:

- webbed neck
- micrognathia
- low set ear
- low hair line
- shield shape chest
- wide spread nipple
- turned in elbow (cubitus valgus)
- frog like fingers
- spoon shape nail
- edema of the extrimities
- v shape waist to hip
- short stature (penting!!)
- delay puberty

patient tu siap aja format exam lagi tuh!big grin

so firstly, when examiner ask "what information you need to know about the patient?"

so, the appropriate answer is "the age of the patient"

from that information and thorough inspection we can guess so many differential. huhu.

next, examiner ask to do general examination and describe.

so, startlah buat general examination! watch out for every signs of dysmorphic features. Open our eyes widely!!

after examine, present nicely in a systematic way! from head to toe!

after that, examiner will ask about provisional diagnosis. Stay alert and concious, relate all the features together. make a relavant decision winking

the next question would be" what you expect the problems that patient might have?"

- heart problem (mostly coarctation of aorta)
- retarded growth
- poor breast and ovaries development
- ammenorhea
- infertile
- learning difficulties

Next, " if you a medical officer what would you plan for her?"

- surgery (congenital heart disease)
- growth hormone
- hormone replacement therapy

okeyh, tamat dah! happy


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kesabaranku ada hadnya .


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sometimes you just need to STOP

stop chasing

laugh heals

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Once you start laughing

you start healing

time and date

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when he doesn't give you a time

then you don't have a date

cry isn't bad

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Cry isn't bad.

Cry doesn't show that you are week.

Sometimes we hate the feeling when we know we're going to cry. Our lips quiver. Our heart pounds. Our face clenches up. Our eyes sting. And the tears start to fall. We cant stop them no matter how hard we try. The harder is, it's not little tears that slide down our cheek, but it's big tears that make our eyes red and puffy. Our face ugly with tear stained and our body heave. As we lie on the bed, the more we cant stop the tears from falling. But theres nothing you can do, nothing anyone can say. It's the kind of tears and pain that need to be cried out. Not talked out. Sometimes you just dont care. All you think of is what could you have possibly done to stop the pain. To stop what you're going through..Cry cry and cry. That is the thing that your heart really need to do. To release all the pain. Let it be let it be..

Believe me i know how you feel.


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When hE puts hIs Jacket arOund me

my Heart bEating sO faSt

When he sIngs the sOng I love to hEar

the Air sEems nOt enough fOr me to bReath

When he wHispers sOmething sWeet

mY earDrum trEmble

When he sIts clOse tO me

my tUmmy filled with buttErflies

When he fEd me hIs mEal

my Eyes shIne a sTars

and I've been secretly melting for you

batting eyelashes


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today was a really good day
im about to burst out
to see my soul with happy butterflies
thank you friends
thank you

all the laughter smile and fun we had together
wishing for another beautiful days ahead happy

tonight i wanted to say goodbye
although not a real goodbye
enough to full up my spirit
yet, i can only whisper it here
on left side of my chest

if its not hurt
why do my tears falling down?

found instead of disappear

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you sometimes think you want to disappear


all you really want is to be found


and that is what we call love isn't it?

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Its the scariest thing ever to realize how much someone means to you. When it really hits you, all these thoughts and questions rush tru your head at once. A sad emotion even starts to creep up on you slowly inch by inch as you start to wonder.

And..what if for some reason things dont work out? how are you possibly going to live without them?

Someone that once a stranger is now the only person you know like the back of your hand. Someone you once had no emotions for now has the power to break your heart. Someone you never used to hang out with now owns most of your time. Someone you never thought you'd love now owns you entire heart.

Someone you once lived without, you now wish to hold onto forever?

and that is wut we call love isn't it?

i dont know if i'm . .

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" I Dont knOw If I'm getting Over it,

Or I'm Just Get used To it... "

~ listening to back to december, taylor swift ~

pain happens when you care

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pain happens when you care

- Lisa Cuddy, House MD season 7-


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Hari ni, aku melihat seorang doktor mengalirkan air mata di sebabkan misscommunication and disrespectful between a group of medical students and a veterinar doctor. She was in tears while talking to me and it hurts me. Yes, she is a harsh person yet she still a doctor like our teacher in hukm. Dia berhak menerima sedikit penghormatan walaupun bukan disebabkan die seorang doktor haiwan, tetapi kerana die org yg lebih tua dari kita.

Perjalanan hidup kita sebagai seorang pelajar masih jauh. Lebih2 lagi kita juga bakal doktor, tak mustahil suatu hari nanti peristiwa ini akan berulang pada diri kita..tak mustahil juga kita juga akan mengalirkan air mata kerana kes yang sama.

" wut goes around comes around "

Walaupun peristiwa ini berlaku pagi tadi, kekecewaan ini masih terasa. Aku kecewa dengan diri sendiri kerana diri dibelenggu dilema. Dilema untuk memilih loyalty to friends or respect to a doctor..jika aku memilih keputusan yg benar, aku mungkin tidak akan sekecewa ini...

Syukurlah, aku sempat meminta maaf padanya..

Pengajaran yang amat besar buat ku harini.." ikhlaskan hati, hormatlah pada diri dan orang lain "


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biarkan mereka berkata
biarkan mereka mempersendakan
biakan mereka ketawa

Ingatlah, langit tidak sentiasa cerah

~ pedih ~

begitulah awan

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Begitulah awan nano
Setia melindungi diri
Tika panas mencuba menggores pipi
Dan bibirmu

Begitulah awan nano
Sering saja tak terduga hadir
Dan tak akan tercapai jejarimu

Kasih tiada banding
Setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua

Awan kekasih sebenarmu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu

life like a canvas

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" Life is like a canvas . It begins blank, and everyday is like another brush stroke with different colours . Make your life a wonderful masterpiece "


kembali sunyi

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kembali sunyi

semoge kuat

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dimulakan dengan


followed by

Obstetric and Gynaecology

Family Medicine
Emergency Medicine

Internal Medicine

without any gap / mid sem holidays

and here we go, Professional Exam on march 2012

hectic life makes a year feels like a month. tapi, nak go tru 1 by 1 rse mcm separoh mati..smoge kuat

permudahkan urusan kami ya rabb praying