owh my..

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Its Aqeel Ashraaf again..
hes 4 months old now..
tp montel + tembam
macam i jugak bdak chomey nih..
surprisely, aqeel da pndai meniarap..
yoo, come on boy!

to Abang!!
he really looks like u laa..
jgn perangai aqeel cam ayah die sudeyh..=D

im looking forward for dis coming RAYA,,
wants to see aqeel somemore!!
lme nih x jmpe my first anak sedara..

di kesempatan ni juge!
im wishing u guys,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfirti
Maaf Zahir Batin..

to 3rd year ukm medical students..
The very Best of Luck in ur future final exams.
May Allah bless us together..

mood : 'chuak'ing but yet exciting!!

Destinasi terakher..

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Last Monday i went to klcc Opss..
not really i, instead of it, We went to klcc

As a birthday celebration for him

hehe, celebration ke?

But Dear,
i know
my celebration for you was weak
and its far from i imagined and planned early last month

this is my weaknesses, s o r r y..

hope u can accept it..

and i hope it will be more better for the next celebrations ^_^

(ikhlas nie taw! =D)

we really had a good time
thanx for the cutties gifts :)

Ape yg di cerite kn disini adelah..

we tgk cite destinasi terakher nieh la..

final destination la kunun..

x best ahh =DD (jgn mara yek! but dis is wut i think)
tapi for those yg suke actions + horror..

pegi la tgk.. s c a r r y!!

but yet, mcm tak logik pon iye juge,, hehehe

im very happy now..

cos my case write ups da siap!!