memorable 24th feb

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A big big thanks to mina, ana, and farra for the lovely evening, last 24th february. I felt time running so fast that day. However, mission achieved to captured beautiful moments with you guys encem To fara, till to see you next time insyAllah.

It was a memorable day for me, for us. 24th February is mina's birthday, plus it was the day we touched our heels on bumi "mrsm Beseri" for the first time. And now, it is the day we met again. Especially to Fara, because since i left mrsm, this is the first time we meet again.

And not to forget, it was the day i got one good-good news from him

Okey, tats it for today update sengihnampakgigi

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gudlux ♥♥

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Dear you,

i wish you luck, with all my heart.

i wish you confidence, and no worries.

i wish you joy, without a doubt.

i wish you pride, always on your side.

i wish you success, higher than the sky.

i wish you love, as pretty as a dove.

i wish you everything, cause you’re my everything .

i wish you tru my prayers, as it i always do.

GoodLux fruitheart all the best to you

~ listening to one day, trading yesterday senyumkenyit ~

twenty one

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*klik pada gambar untuk revolusi yang lebih besar

happy birthday to my dearest best friend, mina.

Moge panjang umur murah rezeki =)

cool surgeons ;)

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who said life being a doctor is 'Mandom'??
life as doctors are thousands way cool!! hehehe..pepoyo lak ek?

i just finished reading our surgeons blog (ukm surgeons okey!) they are cool laaah..though, they 'quite' garang during teaching. They still like us. Human. Lots of funny things they wrote about! Their bebelan drove me to laugh!! tapi memang surgeons UKM nih cool2 belake ;)

Almost all surgeons have their blog. Tapi tak semue yang selalu update pon..busy kot! for sure la busy. surgeon tuh. =)

tapikan, ade satu entry pasal undergraduate students (sape lagi, kite la kan!=D). Wrote by our legend superhero admirable colorectal surgeon, Mr Ismail Sagap. He is a good surgeon-lecturer-teacher, and not denied good husband and father too. Ape yang ditulis oleh beliau memang sgt betul, our performance is declining days by days. We not study as hard as their time. We are very lucky to have many facilities here in HUKM. We got trainee lecturers, housemen, MO and they (surgeons) teaching us! As compared to their time long time ago whereby they do not have so many people teaching them. And not to forgot, many of them said "budak2 sekarang nih manje"..huhu..

Another one more surgeon. He is really superb laaah!! A very humble, soft spoken surgeon, tapi sangat hebat. I still remember wut Mr faizi told us last time. "HE. he is the man!!". Yes he is. I do agree~ He wrote his blog as well. And after reading it, then only i know he's been to Gazza baru baru ni to help mangsa mangsa perang rejim Zionis. So heart wrenching =)

Muke org kat ats ni mcm muke Mr Azim la plak kn?huhu..

Mr. Azim pon sgt hebat! Banyak student yg admire him..being a vascular surgeon dalam usie yang sgt mude. Sape x kagom kan? heee~

Surgeons pon blogging jugak!!walaopon busy, they still having life like us ;)

~ listening to colorectal surgeon song ~
A really funny song!hahaha =D

only i know =)

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The strings of my heart,
Play a slow rhythm melody,
Where you were,
I did not see,
So close to me,
but yet so veiled.

upon my invitations,
but still, somehow,
I failed to note of you.

For I had looked
so very hard for you,
up, down, everywhere.
but I just did not looked
clear, in front of me,
where you were

. . . just there

Only i know, i have to reach over you =)

tender smile

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This 6th semester has comes to its end. Tomorrow is the first paper, Internal Medicine. Wahh, i never been this scared before. As i reading respiratory chapter just now, suddenly i stood up. I felt the pulses of mine beating so fast. The finger's pulses especially. Its so hard to feel end-peripheral pulses, but today i can feel it. This is so called pre-exam syndrome. Palpitation and adrenaline rush all over body!

Past 2 days i was so stressed out. Its 4 am in the morning by that time. I was trying to focus over and over. But i can't. I read the sentence over and over untill i could visualize it. but nope! its not happened. unfortunately.

As i remember, as i was to start focus on reading again. I cried. No, no im not crying. But, the tears coming out spontaneously. "its so many too read" i whispered those words. The tears coming out over and over. i was trying to hold them back, but my body and mind overrides the stress more that i can hold. Even i failed to suppress the urge to cry. I let it running down on my both cheeks. I called mak. Calling her at 4am in the morning really surprised her.

"buat yg terbaek setakat yang mampu, sekarang pegi ambik air sembahyang. Sembahyang hajat. Bace surah Ar-rahman.."

this is the second time she remembering me of this tips! how come i forgot of doing this. i smiled to myself. A tender smile of "kelalaian" diri.

You know wut? After doing that..its so relief! =)

All the best to me and friends. May Allah bless us. Amin =))

~ listening to hold-my hands ~

study week..pheuuuwh ("=_=")

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Dearest Kumar and Clark,

Saya penat membaca awak.
Sudikah awak membaca saya pula?

uhhh,,pheuuuwh (''=_=")


Another FOUR days to go.
Its getting more stress

moody me

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Another 8 days to come. i've been counting for the days but yet i didn't start anything. i have no mood to start it. I just finished my viva last 2 days, seeing a bundle of files to be read on make me just nauseated. Ahhh, i hate exams!! does anybody in this world love exam?? i want to noe their secret on how to love exams!!

I've got ong paper to be reseated, and i hope im not gonna to add another paper to reseat. hopefully. scary dumb dumb. Everybody busy deciding about their elective posting..and for the reseaters, they had no choice, except for doing that in forth year later. So do i. huhuhu

moody me, jules.

jkm's last day

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big big thank you to our nicest jkm's doctor, Dr Rohaizat for such wonderful moments, knowledge and encouragements you've given to us.
we@jeram. Last dinner together

Last day jkm posting. everybody got their things pack-in. so do i. happy to be back to hukm. to be back home. to be back to KL. to be back to see my beloved ones. family, frens and my cutie rumet, miss ain. wahhh, rindunye semue org!

i've learn so much while i was here. everything outside the ward especially. there are so much things you have to knoe other than your ECG. More than that.

People always see public health is a common, small thing. People takes granted of it. They dont knoe, public health also plays an important role in order to make sure that our country is safe from dangerous diseases.

Long time ago, i've seen Medicine and Society subject really boring. Less important than my patology, anatomy, physiology subjects. But now, Jkm posting has opened my both eyes of it importance.

JKM posting here in Tanjong karang, was the best posting i ever had. Not to say i dont like clinical posting like surgery, medicine and obstetric and gynecology. It just tat, the surrounding is totally different. Something new to be felt after i have gone tru 3 clinical postings before. They are so tiring. really. Either clinical or public health both are fun on their own and style. Experiences that are precious for me :)

Leadership and Friendship. I've got to learn this also while i was here. Here, you can see so many personalities. Caring, loving, self-fish, hot-temper, hardworking, lazy, humble and most important is they still your friends. No matter what personality they had, you have to deal with them.

I got many things to be learn from now on :)

~ listening to sesekali diuji, nice ~

oh my little dear

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if i could i want to rewind d time when you were in my arms. i fill hold you tightly my little little dear. i wont let you fall. i wont. Ever i wont let you fall. How worried i am, only Allah knows. you felt right in front my eyes. i was totally out of words.

"ohhh dear.." my heart whispered

i wanted rewind the time so badly. I promise to hlod you tightly. Please, i hope you are wokey. Or else, im in trouble. Guilty, me.

she missed me

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"along balqis rindu along. Die asyik sebut name along je"

wah dis little cute girl da pandai merindu :)
listened to her voice made me crazy to back home
two days to go juliana :)

just little bit more time
and you'll be home sooon InsyaAllah
(ehee, mcm la jaoh sgt tnjong karang ni yek! hehe :D)


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macam macam ragam manusia dlm dunie nih kan?..
sabarlah dikau wahai hati =_=

jkm's all out

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Block B 'bestest' celebration ( and eat) :D

sukaneka. we really enjoyed them all. thanx to shazwan for the successful events :)

owh no..mereke kenekan saye!cisss.. o_o

everybody took part, that was cool :D

sabak's volley ball team. yeah!!

go go Sabak!

Futsal, Kuale team VS Sabak team ;)

BBQ day..wat a tiring day, but still lots of fun!! :)

the day we had 'kayak' and boating :)

Next : Bukit Melawati to see monkeys..wehuuu~
these are the reasons why i enjoy my JKM's posting :)

yay!! mak dtg esok..
h a p p y n y e r

tak sabar rasenyer =)

~ listening to wondergirls, nobody ~

its my baby!!

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ohhh baby, i love you!

time kaseh abang for dis D60
you made my dream comes true :)

i just addicted to you my baby :)