im not say a thing

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when i first doing it

you give comment tat hurting me

and you laugh at it

when you doing it now

im not say a thing

and tats the biggest difference between you and me

my princess :)

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It has been a very long time since i watch korean drama without clicking a forward button after winter sonata..and i must say, cite My Princess nih tak boring and worth to watch big grin Every scene pon sgt enjoy ok!!

Recently, i watched cite "my girlfriend is gumiho"..pon best jugak! Both of these dramas hv great actors and actresses..(beselaah, pelakon korea kan mestilah hensem and cun melucun kan?)..Plus, there are so many funny scenes! and you will laugh hard see them, and at the same time, it make your heart thump with the romantic scenes too big grin

For me, the most memorable scene in my princess is when Park Hae Young (the hero) told Lee Seol (the heroin) his 5 commandments while he grabs both Lee seol hands and says :

First..dont let anyone grab you hands

Second..dont get into anyone's car

Third..dont let anyone piggyback you

Forth..dont get drunk in front of anyone

Fifth..dont let anyone confess yo you

and i bet, dalam hati Park Hae Young says "except me" big grin

then, Park Hae Young asked Lee Seol .."do you understand? did you write them all?"

Lee Seol : "How can i write them all since you holding my hands?"

Park Hae young : "do you have to take notes just with you hands? you just have to do it with your heart"

shuwiiiit :)

Okeyh, sape2 yang tak tengok lagi tuh, pegi tengok cepat ye!! winking

~ listening to dadali, disaat aku mencintaimu ~

little rascals :)

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like always

shira and balqis :)

A day with Bs

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A day with Bs

Balloons and Bubbles

Thanks my dear girls for the very fun day tat we had on 19th March 2011

Love you much big hug

kau pergi

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have a safe journey back to egypt


will miss you even more

~ listening to pergi by Aizat~


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If sorry as easy as thank you

would life become easier?

23's photos

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Some photos during the day i officially turns 23

thanks mina cos sanggup fetch me all the way from shah alam..
opening gifts from him
R and C letters
2 gifts, smaller one inside that beg
chicken terriyaki..nyummy!
mashed potato
he enjoying his sizzling meal
mina with her meal..sempat lg tersengeh2 yek
yellow birds
its a birthday cake time

ok, peace!!

dua puluh tiga :)

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Wow, lamenyer tak menaip di blog kesayangan ku inih..

My dear blog,

If you can read what is on my mind rite now..and if you can feel what makes my heart beating so good.. and if you can count how much i smile rite now.. But, i do always remember to ..

" keep my feet on the ground when my head in the clouds "

All i had for these few weeks were so amazing and wonderful. Especially for wut happened yesterday. Yes, it is 12th March 2011, the day i turn 23.

Thank Allah, i had the best birthday celebration ever. Instead of been given a chance to live till this age. Alhamdulillah.

Thanks to my lovely friends and family for the precious moments i had yesterday.. I had the best launch with my family..and i had a birthday surprise celebration for the rest of the day and night.

Special thanks to YOU, yes you my dear sunshine. Thanks for your effort for just to make my day becomes special. Honestly, only with your presence on my birthday enough to make me happier. This is the first birthday i celebrated with you after been together for 4 years and 6 months, and you made it the most special one. Terharunyer...

yeah! im 23! hard to believe! hard to accept! but, hu cares, it is just a number. but...ahhh. lantak la..hehe

..dear 12th march, i had another one dream came true :)
thanks for your braveness :)

pujaan hati

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hai pujaan hati

apa khabar mu

ku harap kau baik baik saja

pujaan hati

andai kau tahu
ku sangat mencintai dirimu

hai pujaan hati

setiap malam aku berdoa kepada sang tuhan
berharap cintaku jadi kenyataan
agar ku tenang meniti kehidupan

hai pujaan hati pujaan hati
pujaan hati pujaan hati

mengapa kau tak membalas cintaku
mengapa engkau abaikan rasaku
ataukah mungkin hatimu membeku
hingga kau tak pernah pedulikan aku

cubalah mengerti keadaanku
dan cubalah fahami keinginanku
ku ingin engkau menjadi milikku
lengkapi jalan cerita hidupku

hai pujaan hati pujaan hati

lets sing..lalalalalalala :)