colourful :)

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terima kaseh korang ^^

kerana menceriakan petang itu happy

" imy "

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welcome back dear little baby

" i miss you "


lovely day

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One calm morning

two excited persons

with one little innocent lens

~ Listening to lovely day, you're beautiful ost :) ~ nuezz

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Here we go, in taman tasik permaisuri again. haha, no other place tat closest to HUKM maa..But, Taman permaisuri pon cun. chantekbig grin My friend, ezzati jus bought a new dslr. Accompanying her testing her dslr for 4 hours such a big pleasure! lame kot tak jenjalan plus playing with the lens. rindunyer kat my little dear baby!!

I like the way she touches her photos, really sharp happy

Keep up dear fren winking

My dear little baby just come back to me. Im so so happy!

Plus, got friend to go for photoshoot big grin

~ Pictures taken from, Nuezz 11 july 2010 ~

dis one, i captured for her happy