to : white chocolate

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to : white chocolate

Today i walked on the path alone, and it all started again.
remembering you.

You made me happy. Seeing you smile would shivers down my spine and my heart would start racing. Seeing you smile brightened up my day. I loved your kindness, sincerity, softness and genuine humanity.

I trusted you, confided in you, and let you inside my world. I felt like you could take it all in and not judge me. I felt like I could be myself around you. That you could see both my beauty and my ugliness and still care about me.

You made me feel like I could take a chance on you,and not regret it. are my white chocolate.

I never said any of this out loud so you never knew. For that I am a coward. always have been.I wanted to tell you, I wanted to scream it from the top of my both lungs that it was you that made my heart race, palms sweat, get butterflies in my tummy, and words caught in my throat when I looked at you.

still you are my white chocolate.

~ Listening to stranded, Jenifer Paige ~


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