my deepest condolence

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my deepest condolence

He is a big hearted person but there is so many scars inside.
yet, he still a good person, friend, and i believe he is going to be a good doctor also.

He went tru so many challenges in his life

not enough wut he, himself has had,

now, he has to let go his ultimate beloved one.his mother.

since i knew him
i tot he is a weird person
but i never know wut hes going tru by tat time

untill now, then only i knew.

he approached me
. he told me everything
he needs a friend.
he needs someone to listen and respond him.

he sees the world as a darkest place to live

as he went tru so many darkest tragedies

he has lost his hope
now, his mother has gone

the one that he loves so much

the one that supports him all this while

"whose going to support me further, after my biggest lost?"

be strong my friend

Allah is always there for his servants

anytime you need him
call him.raise your both palms towards him.

pray to him. cry to him. talk to him

Hes listen to you

Keep believe in him

dont lose hope

there will a time

Allah will answer you
be strong my friend

You want to leave medical field now
please.think carefully.
may Allah guide you to the right decision

we, your friends support you
to where your best decision leads you
All the best to you yakuza

~Listening to hear you me, jimmy eat world ~


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