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Today is the day where i saw an emergency resuscitation in the ward right in front of my eyes. Everybody get nervous, every steps they took so fast until u feel your visual field of your eye balls are too limited to catch they actions.

Doctors and nurses rushing here and there to take some equipments. Their voice were tremendously loud, shouting to each other to alert everyone in the room.

Before the minutes this emergency fated to be happened,
the patient is sitting on the bed aided by cardiac table in front of her. That was an elderly chinese woman patient. She is so thin, until you can count every costal ribs without your hands to feel and search for them. Furthermore, she was in mild respiratory distress as she wore a simple adult nasal face mask. She looked so pale. Thats the reason why they want to do a chest tube insertion.

So many people in the procedure room. The registra, house officer, nurses, medical students, and nurses student. Of cos, with one elderly patient at the centre of the room with wire all over her body. Chest tube insertion begins.

House officer starts to clean the left anterior chest area. While the nurses busy helping registra prepare for all the equipments needed.

"why so many people in dis room?" one of speciallist entered and asked us (medical students).

"have you all ask the patient's permission to see this procedure at the first hand?"

Everyone got stick their mounth silently. Me too, obviously.

"have you all know the indications for the chest tube insertion? or you guys just standing here, watching and after that you guys bussy asking for signature to fill up your log book?"


"we all know the indications doctor, we have finished respiratory workshop last week, didn't we?" i whispered it to myself quietly.

Shes agry and get out from the room.

In few seconds, everyone concentrating to the procedure again. The registra and house officer looked nervous because the patient seems to be unstable after a coulple of voices coming out telling us that she is in pain.

Another senior registra coming in.

"why is it so hard? it just a pneumothorax"

She takes turn then. After a while, the registra can make it. She got the chest tube inserted,but..unfortunately, blood coming put from the tube profusely.

It suppose to be no blood coming out, bcos, it is pneumothorax, not hemothorax!

Patient then becomes gradually unconcious..shes collapse. Lying so weak on her bed.

"aunty..aunty..wake up..bangun aunty" they shout.

No response.

This is the moment where everybody get highly reactive. All faces turn red as their blood flushing up to their face hemodynamically.


Specialist comes in. "Im sorry doctor" registra sorry to wut has happened.

"Semue orang keluar sekarang juga" KJ asking us to get out from the room.

We, still standing outside trying so hard to see what happen tru litle small spaces between the doors.

Thing happened without any notices or signs. unexpectedly. If it is fated to be happened. It happens anyway. But, try atleast to prevent it. Do it properly, confidently, smoothly..InsyaAllah, everything going to be allright.

Pity to that aunty. hope you'll be okey by now. May Allah bless you. Amin.


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