kisah aku dan dia :)

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hes starring at me!!and im starring at him too!!

hes sitting on the bed.and im walking pass infront of him.

ders something in him i attracted to
yes..his eyes
i love to look his eyes

Today i met someone in the ward tat is very special, he got something that reminds me to one person tat dearly to me. Reminds me to arwah toklang. His eyes especially.

We have a great conversation. I managed to complete my clerking session as well as physical examination successfully. Sadly, pakcik has heart disease in which it becomes deteriorating now. As i feel his heart beat, i felt pity to him. His heart beating so fast, so strong untill u can appreciate the pulsatile apex beat in him. Same thing like arwah had once, long time ago.

Pakcik NS Sulaiman was his name. He loves to tell story. And ofcos, im so enjoy to hear his stories.

"name anak ni Juliana ye" he read my name tag while im copying his medical record.

"org name Juliana ni lembut.Lemah lembut orgnyer". Wut u expect me to do? ofcos la aku tengah tersengeh mcm kerang busuk di waktu begini. (perasan!hehe)

"mane de pkcik, saye x lembut pon". Pakcik tersengeh. So do i.

"tapi ingt ni, org name Juliana ni lembut lembut pon tapi kuat merajok"

" ke. Pakcik salah la. Saya x kuat merajok pon"

Pakcik tersengeh laen macam!!

"betol la pkcik, saye dok pujok org selalu ade laa". Pakcik tersengeh lg.

"balik nnti, cube anak tnyer mak ataw pakwe. Empunye diri mmgla tak ngaku".

" ke?"

aku pon call mak.."mak, along ni kuat merajok ke?". mak pon jawab dengan betahnye. Aku tersenyum puas hati.

After finish copying pakcik's medical record, aku mintak diri dr pakcik untuk blk.

"pakcik, esok kite jmpe lg ye"

"klo pkcik ade lg esok, dpt la jmpe nak"

I looked at him. Without saying a word, I left. Dont want to say good bye to Pakcik. As i wish i will see him tomorrow. For sure.

He touches my heart as i was touched before.

Well, he gave me his contact number. He is my first patient officially!weeee =D


myaamirah said...

pakcik... i lev u...

ija said...

hye juliana..=)

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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