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today i found myself not sincere to her
am i turn to be a hypocrite?

my lips say no
but my heart says yes

I'm a bit miserable last 2 weeks and it is still persist until now.  is it me who don't know how to react to it or is it me that tend to be egoist? I'm supposed to be happy. Wajib for me to be happy for her. but why still at this moment i dont feel like happy? this is must be an evil part of me. shuhhhhh go away! i wanna be a good person!

maybe im not sincere enough? why? i should have not to feel this way.. 

sincerity is understood to be truth in words and acts. i should find my own ways on how to sincere myself regarding this. 

*dont want to be miserable due to this kind of feeling!


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