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Friend of mine recommend me this bittersweet video. At first i was a bit confused with the story line. but after watching it for 4 times i came to understand the story is all about. Its about the pendulum itself framed a very touched love story. The pure love of a husband to his wife though his wife had loss her memory. Yeah it sounds familiar isn't it? but what amazed me is how talented a person named tekken to illustrate a novel/film into a 3 minutes video. it is a very touching video. indeed. the way the story presented trough a swinging pendulum is amazing. it really2 touched to see the husband hardly resist the swinging pendulum. He wants the pendulum to be stopped from moving so he can be with his wife happily. 

i volunteered myself to google the novel synopsis but unfortunately it is unavailable.
One Japanese commenter offers his interpretation on the novel basis:

“The wife suffered from memory loss after a stroke (1:35), so the husband did everything he could to get her to remember him. He made a telephone from 2 cups and a string like when they were younger, he bought her the wedding veil she wanted but they couldn’t afford when they got married, but before he could give it to her he passed away. Even if it meant stopping the pendulum, he wanted to make his wife happy one last time.”

Another Japanese commenter adds:

“The husband has already passed away, which is why he doesn’t age in the final scene (2:12). The pendulum represents the cruel passage of time, and watching the husband trying to stop it—and then his wife telling him kindly, ‘it’s okay, let go’—is both beautiful and sad.”

love teach you to be strong
love teach you to be tough
love teach you to be patient
love teach you to be grateful


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