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Wehuuuu. I have a haircut today!! and guess what it gave me a very good mood. Thanks ms. hairstylist. it is a very long time since i had the last haircut. it was about almost 3 years ago i think. you know..there is something about haircut that i realized now. 

It is a good therapy for the unhappy heart (besides spiritual part). Whenever you feel down..frust..heart broken. try to have a haircut!! it relieves you and it really works externally n internally!! it works on me. believe me winking with the new hairstyle and new look you'll gain confidence provided the hairstylist does not screw you hair lah kan..heheh

these are some tips that may help you relieve your frustration while having your haircut. choose the most suitable hairstyle and watch your hair being cut/styled. dont forget to look at the falling hair with the hope things that you frust-ed on would gone with those hairs. 

once it finish say bye2 to those hairs and say hello to the new you!!winking  

isn't she looks beautiful with this hairstyle? love it :)

~currently listening to andai ku bercinta lagi by mojo~


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