my december

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Today when i woke up, the feeling is so different. the house seems to be a noisy place to be. Not as usual. then i realized, here we come, mid semester holiday + school holiday. i only have 1 schooling lil brother and sister. both grew up already. but, why the house is so bising? ( macam pasar daa).

then, i opened my room door, "aaaloooongg!!". they shouted. MasyaAllah, terkujat. kalau la ade heart attack, da lame da sampai emergency kene resuscitate.

Haish, "mane datang budak ramai2 nih?". hmmm, they all were my litle litle cutey cousins. Semue sebaye Asyira, my lil sister, mane la tak bising rumah. Dari kecik sampai ke besa, semue ade.

"along, jom pegi zoo!!, lame tak pegi zoo"..(dah, dah mule dah..)

"duet, mne duet?" im asking.

"alaa, along belanje lah, kan ade duet jpa"..exophtalmos state for few minutes. mane la si kecik ni taw pasal jpa jpa nih..ishk2, budak zaman sekarang! i smiled. adoilaaa budak2 nih..

"kalo adek dapat nombor 1 sampai 10 boleh la along bawak g zoo..ini x, nombor 19!!"

"eh ok la nombor 19, kawan adek tuh dapat nombot 31". hahaha,..macam nak lesing je budak kecik sorang nih..hahaha. boleh la plak die jawab gitu..

i remembered, during when i was litle, eventhough i got best result, tak kire lah number 1, 2, 3 atau 5 sekali pon, im not brave enough to ask for a thing. instead, i dont noe to whom to ask for. Even, when there is a day called "hari anugerah cemerlang", i went without for anyone to accompany me. talking about jealousy to see other children accompanied by their parents, i had enough to encounter those kind of feeling. my parent's attention more towards my other adek adek..

when i grow up, i feel so much relieved. bcos, my parents seems to be believed on me. they believed that i can be independant, able to think wisely and look after my own safety..though, i came home late at night, they not asking too much, bcos they believed me. compared to my lil sister, angah. Whenever angah go, mak and abah will ask angah untill no more "w" questions to ask.

so, this december..mak asking me to bring my adek2 keluar berjalan2..cuti sekolah pon dah nk habes..walaupon destination yg dekat2 je, but i think it would be so much fun!! terase diri ini dah begitu dewase la plak bile di amanahkan untuk membawa sikecik2 nih (xdela kecik sgt..kehkehkeh):D it would be zoo negara, aquaria and one movie. yey!! im hoping dis holiday not so bored as i imagined..

oppppss, aquaria? will bring back the memory for sure :)

~ listening to lenka, the show ~ hihihi


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alongg..bile nk blanje ak plak??

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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