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Insomnia? yeah. I have difficulty in sleeping since last few days. Don't ask me why cos I haven't the answer. Yet Obviously. Sometimes..I have an early awakening. It was not as early as 5am. It was earlier than that. Have you ever experienced of died people came into your dream? yes I had it twice. At the first time i thought it just a dream. Like what people always says "mimpi mainan tidur" but since i had it for the second time. And i knew it is more than just a dream. It awakened me as early as 3am. I can't even memorized what sort of story i had dreaming of but i remembered arwah nenek sitting next to me without saying anything. Without knowing what the meaning of the dream i clean myself and recite surah yassin for arwah. Semoge roh arwah  dicucuri rahmat..diampunkan dosa2 nya dan ditempatkan di kalangan org yg solehah. Amin :)

but still this insomnia disturbing me. Surf around. Don't know what else to do. hurmmmm. Found some picture/tumblr that resembles me a lot. 

Butterfly? yes. i do love butterfly even until now :) besides the quote is quite nice right? remembered me of during my third year when i was in a first clinical posting. obstetric and gynecology posting. very stressful. so much fear and tears. hopeless and the worst part is i merely wanna give up. huhu

Not to say that i am that of a kind person. But most of the time it resembles me a lot. I listen more than i speak. I let my mind and heart speak but not to be heard by others. Silent not 100 percent means you agree. Neither means you a loser. Either it is my weakness or opposite? we'll see. Only people who knows me very well see this part of me. 

Nak puji diri tu baik sgt ke? No. It is not my intention. But i don't know i just love the words. I love the sentence. Not hundred percent resembles me of course. But there are few lines that make my heart says "that is you la juliana" (perasan kan? perasan pon perasan lah..heee) 

~currently listening to stronger by Kelly Clarkson~ 


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