coretan cinta.kawen dan cerai.

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Nowadays these ears are tired to hear everyone is talking about 'cerai' 'cerai' and 'cerai'. 

Lets talk about recent issue in Malaysia jom. Did you noe tat DIVORCE rates is increasing in malaysia? What has happened to the new generation whom freely to choose their own partner instead of their parents? Pelik kan? Is their love not strong enough to build a mosque? If its not I guess the divorce rates should have decline..huhuconfused

My close neighbour just had divorced. Kesian at her. She was left by her husband with 4 small kids. huhhh how can she bear with it? I pray for her so that Allah gives her all his blessings and makes her stronger to face the reality. May Allah grants her his love and careangel

A beautiful thing called LOVE should be the main factor to motivate couples to the best that they could be. And that your MARRIAGE as the best you could. 

"Bahtera mana yang tidak dilambung ombak? Hati yang mana tidak dihiris?" (cewahhh). I remember one advice given by my grandmom (during the time she knew atok has a second wife)..she said.."bila sesuatu perhubungan retak dan semakin retak..ingatlah sesama sendiri betapa bukan mudahnya untuk membina sesuatu perhubungan" well said kan? its true. so true.

It takes two heart who really want to be together until their very last breath although time and distance are against them. With Allah's will everything can possibly happen.

Money. Money is not everything. Ketahuilah.  Money doesn't make you happy but it does makes your world goes around smoothly. YES you need money. You need money to pay bills. shoppings. Car and house. You need money to feed you and your family. Lots of things revolves around money and I'm so sad to say money is one of the issues why couples end up divorcing each other no matter how much in love they were in the beginning of the relationship whew!

Frankly speaking I am not one of those girls who dreamed of a perfect wedding or dress to wear for wedding. However now i've found the guy and i can't help myself from to think about MARRIAGE and the whole nine yards. Not exactly about the wedding details...but the marriage itself. The fact that i should be responsible to take care not only of myself. Not only of my family's well being..but my future husband and his family as well. It sounds so simple but's not. Not to say I am scared. I am NOT. These are just some of the things that i start to think about aside from new shoes and other mindless things these days. It looks like I have the kind of 24 years old lady punye thinker kan now? heheh...

I am looking forward to it but when the time is right for me and him.

I hope we don't EVER come across about materialistic money talking. The importance of it against the All Mighty.  I don't want me and him fighting over money 5-10 years from now. It just something that is not cool. right? Not even sweet huhhh? I want us to live happily ever after with tons of LOVE...not cash winking

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