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It has been a very long time since i watch korean drama without clicking a forward button after winter sonata..and i must say, cite My Princess nih tak boring and worth to watch big grin Every scene pon sgt enjoy ok!!

Recently, i watched cite "my girlfriend is gumiho"..pon best jugak! Both of these dramas hv great actors and actresses..(beselaah, pelakon korea kan mestilah hensem and cun melucun kan?)..Plus, there are so many funny scenes! and you will laugh hard see them, and at the same time, it make your heart thump with the romantic scenes too big grin

For me, the most memorable scene in my princess is when Park Hae Young (the hero) told Lee Seol (the heroin) his 5 commandments while he grabs both Lee seol hands and says :

First..dont let anyone grab you hands

Second..dont get into anyone's car

Third..dont let anyone piggyback you

Forth..dont get drunk in front of anyone

Fifth..dont let anyone confess yo you

and i bet, dalam hati Park Hae Young says "except me" big grin

then, Park Hae Young asked Lee Seol .."do you understand? did you write them all?"

Lee Seol : "How can i write them all since you holding my hands?"

Park Hae young : "do you have to take notes just with you hands? you just have to do it with your heart"

shuwiiiit :)

Okeyh, sape2 yang tak tengok lagi tuh, pegi tengok cepat ye!! winking

~ listening to dadali, disaat aku mencintaimu ~


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