cry isn't bad

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Cry isn't bad.

Cry doesn't show that you are week.

Sometimes we hate the feeling when we know we're going to cry. Our lips quiver. Our heart pounds. Our face clenches up. Our eyes sting. And the tears start to fall. We cant stop them no matter how hard we try. The harder is, it's not little tears that slide down our cheek, but it's big tears that make our eyes red and puffy. Our face ugly with tear stained and our body heave. As we lie on the bed, the more we cant stop the tears from falling. But theres nothing you can do, nothing anyone can say. It's the kind of tears and pain that need to be cried out. Not talked out. Sometimes you just dont care. All you think of is what could you have possibly done to stop the pain. To stop what you're going through..Cry cry and cry. That is the thing that your heart really need to do. To release all the pain. Let it be let it be..

Believe me i know how you feel.


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