where are you when...

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"Siti Juliana, can you help me?"


"can you pull that table close to me?"

She smiled. Obviously she looked happier than previous days. I asked her, "aunty you look happier laaa today. May i know why?"

"Of cos im happy, i can move my right leg now. Its 3 days after the operation, the pain has gone away a bit. So that im happy lah" She persistently smiled. I quit surprise, my patient, madam Chiang, shes a 68 elderly woman, but her appearance doesn't fit her age. She looks younger than that! "Aunty, you noe wut ar, you looks younger than your age. Your face still red-pinkish, like you put some blusher on your cheek". "I like to drink Brand's pati ayam. Now, im still practising it you noe. Its good for your health. Try la Siti, i give you one"..haha, very nice, soft spoken aunty.

"you know ar Juliana, im happy because my daughter came yesterday. She took mc for a day to take care of me. She washed my hair, my body, talk to me, fed me. I feel so comfortable and happy now" She smiled, showing her happiness.

Sape tak happy kan, bile ade org jage mase kite saket? Tapi, sometimes its too sad in orthopaedic wards, most of the patient are elderly people. Pangkat atok2, nenek2..too sad to see they are lonely without anybody to take care of them. Nak harap kan nurse kat ward? Dorang pon banyak keje. Banyak patient to observed. Hmmm, sometimes im wondering, where are their sons, daughters or at least relatives to take care of them. Nak tengok visitors visiting them pon susah sangat. "busy sangat ke?"..

Ade patient yang patah tangan, nak mkan pon ssh. They need somebody to feed them. Ade yang patah tulang leher, kene pakai halo vest with stand still straight neck. Macam mane nk makan kalo leher xley nk bend? Makan pon dah ade gaye macam robot je..Sometimes, i feel proud to see them live independently without anyone to help them. Sometimes, i feel so pity towards them. Do their family or relative know it is the best time to show love and care towards the patient? Ade sampai satu kes nih, bile doctor nak mintak consent from patient's son to do an operation. He aggressively refused to come bcos too busy. Until he ask the doctor to take consent from the patient himself. Kejam kan??

"Aunty, knape tak makan nih?" one of the nurse asked one elderly chinese patient with hip spica. She looked too ill and cachectic. She showed her refusal to eat. "Membazir je" the nurse replied. I walked close to that aunty. "Aunty kenape taknak makan?". Shes not answering me. "Kalau tak makan, nanti tak baek". "saya mahu anak saya"..aunty told me to call her daughter, but she did not know the contact number. "lama sudah saya tak jumpe anak saya. saya mahu mati". As i know, that aunty staying at private home nursing. She had only 2 children. a son and a daughter. Anak2 die busy kot.

"itu sebab aunty kene makan, bile aunty sihat, aunty bole jmpe anak aunty.." "ya kah"..her eyes shining brightly with hopes. Desperately hoping to see her children. Kesian kan??

Betullah orang dulu dulu kate, seorang ibu boleh jage 10 anak. Tapi, 10 anak belom tentu dapat jage seorang Ibu.

Pengajaran buat diriku dan semue.

"where are you, when you needed the most"


miss AIN said...

i guess,psy ward paling sket visitor.
plg kesian, some of them ade yg parents taknak kasik bawak balik even doc dah kasik discharge.
kesian. kelu.

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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