failure is hurts

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The day has come to be re-entered to ong posting. I woke up with the highest hope, hoping it will be a good day ahead.

I remembered what prof norzi told us before, somehow, somewhere we might fail in the middle of our life. Either it will happen sooner or later. She also had failed once in her life. But once she had failed, she really make sure that it was for the first and the last time she face the failure. The failure has made her become more careful and cautious.

I really want to take this short second time ong posting as an opportunity to improve my ong knowledge. Hence i will remember more, i will be more prepared for the final year ong posting later. Though, it takes such a big spirit and encouragement to experience ong posting again. huhu..

I have to admit, failure is hurts. Yes it is. Especially when you have faced so many things in it. Plus, it makes your final exam result's slip become UGLY. I received my slip already. Alhamdulillah, my pointer is increased. I was so happy. But, ong's result C- cut down my happiness. My bad.

Huhh, this is my first time failure and i promise myself it will be the last time too. InsyaAllah, i'll do my best to keep this promise.

Dear ong,
i hate you..but at the same time i do love you!! I need little bit more time and encouragement to love you to the fullest.

* picture taken from Meor's flickr.
* sory meor, i love dis picture! i asked ur permission oredy


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