why do i love rain

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i love rain. i just love it. i love to see the rain. i love to hear how the rain sounds like. i love the smell after the rain. its smell when it falls and wet out all over the earth.

but, there has been no rain these few days. i miss you.

Today, while im taking my shower. suddenly i closed my both eyes and ears. it makes me feel like i was in the rain. i really feel the waterdrops pelting me, sliding down my face making my vision became blurry. it cause me a feeling of calm and peacefulness when the waterdrops wash over me.

i never appreciated it before. it was so cool and fits my mood perfectly :)

i love falling asleep to the sound of raindrops rhythmically hitting on the roof.

i love listening to the rain softly hit the windows at my room as I go to sleep.

It creates a feeling of comfort as it gently sleep me away.

it's very calming..

it's very relieving..

to rain, please fall down cause i've been miss you lately.

~ listening to the climb by ahmir ~


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