Adam the Asperger

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Psychiatry week 2rock on!

Since psychiatry tremendously 'unlogical' to me, i watched movies on basis of psychiatry lately to boost up my mood la kononnye kan..hehe. And one of the movies was "adam" which was released last year. I never heard about this movie before until i found it on the Autism website.

" A story About Two Strangers, One A Little Stranger Than The Other.."

Like the movie's quote itself, Adam the movie is an interesting movie with untypical love story. A story about Adam who is having an Asperger's syndrome who is in love with a normal woman, Bethcool

So, what is Asperger's Syndrome ehhconfused

It is a syndrome characterized by limitation or abnormalities in social interaction and communication with restricted pattern of interest and behavior. In other words, people with this kind of syndrome lack of social interaction, empathy, emotionally sharing, impaired nonverbal communication like eye contact, facial expression, gesture and posture. the same time jugak, he got some sense of humor too. This can be seen when he bought a flower to Beth as an effort to pujuk Beth after he had said terrible things to her during his childish tantrum to Beth..kan sweet

This story also portraits the difficulties of a person with Asperger's syndrome and people around him has to face. Especially how Adam and Beth getting to know and care about each other and eventually becoming lovers. Adam is sweet indeed in his own way on how he expresses his feeling towards Beth...And beth is understanding lover who is patiently give courage, support and love to Adam.

Though, i was so surprise of its ending bcos they are not together..huhu..but i could understand why Beth walked away at the end. It so sad when Beth asked Adam..

Beth : Adam, why do you want me to go to California with you?
Adam : you..arr, emm you are like a part of me..and i need you to..ermm, arr help find a place to live and to learn on how to get work and to understand what is mean when people say crazy stuffs and i can't go without you..

Sadly, Beth cried.."im sorry i can't go.. if you want me to go bcos you can't go without me..i can't go.."sad

Adam's reasons for wanting her to go to California with him were just not what she needed to hear from Adam..The reasons he wants Beth to stay were all about him, not about her or even about them..but, i think its not Adam's fault anyway..his illness makes him acts / says / feels such way..and its not fair for Beth either rite? She herself also wanted a lover in every sense of word..

Beth probably needs Adam to say he wanted her to go bcos he loves her and wants to marry her..

However, it is interesting to see how Adam evolved from the beginning to the end of the story. In spite of his anxiety and fears, he did go to California alone and without Beth. He did it and made a good life for himself there. Still, Adam and Beth remembers and contact each other...happy

Another thing about this movie which touching viewer's heart is it fulled with nicest songs and melody..and one of the my favorite out of 12 songs all together is 'Can't Go Back Now' by the weepies winking

~ listening to cant go back now, by the weepies ~


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