untouchable shadows

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i close my eyes
i feel so warm inside
knowing tat im still survived
there's a string of soft music comes tru my ears
dancing silently in my mind
bring back those memories
like a shadows of my life
tat fill up my each day
without you

shadows tat make me smile
shadows tat make me laugh
shadows tat make me cry
shadows tat make me strong
shadows tat make me miss you even more

shadows tat always accompany me
wherever i go

still remain untouchable

i breath deeper
those dont define me
they dont own me
they dont even break me
i wont let they control over me

i breath deeper
i believe my story almost comes to an end
hoping new chapter is being written soon
to share my story
and to hear your own
till the end being there to listen

i close my eyes
trying to sleep with those memories
wishing to meet you
as i always do

so tat
when i wake up tomorrow
i wake up with a smile . .

bcos those shadows remain untouchable

love , jules


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