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When you are young your parents hold your heart, they take care of it, nurture it, feed it and love it. They are your heart’s caretaker.

But once you grow older your parents give you your heart and tell you to give it to someone you love. Someone you trust.

From that point on your heart is yours to give. You give it to someone and they stomp on it, spit on it and tear it to bits and pieces, but you kneel down to pick up the pieces and mend every back together because even though its a dirty, broken heart its still your heart.

But you cant find happiness if your heart doesn’t get shattered into a million pieces, you have to let it get mangled by others.

As time goes on and the more people you give your heart to and the more it gets broken the closer you are to finding the person who has scars that match your own.

When that time comes you give them your heart and they know how to hold it, care for it, and nurture it because they know what you’ve been through and how to be the caretaker of your heart.

Taken tsunamiblues.

Dont worry my dear friend, life is all about taking risk. Each everyone of us deserve to love and to be loved. It just a matter of time and person. Do love the right person on the right time. Though, no matter how deep your heart and love to that person, 'Jodoh' is not in our hands. We just have to lift up our hands and keep praying to Him. Believe, someday Allah will answer us.


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thanks juee.. nice3x..

myaamirah said...

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nice story kn?
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