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"ahaaa..hus is dis??"

hellow "diary"..Smiley Faces
i just came back from labour room..
it supposed to end at 7 am..but...
takde patient lorr..
hmmm..btollah kate doctor..
skrg ni bkn musim org berrproduktif.,,hehe..

aku ngan husna be at labour room lps maghrib..
by det time der are 3 patients..2 with 9cm cervix dilatation..
and another one is 3 cm dilated..
waiting punye waiting...
only 1 patient delivered normally..
n another two has to go to operation theatre..
FRUST nye...da tunggu nak conduct..
tp malangnye...Smiley Faces

"xpela..xley conduct, tgk caesaer pon jadilahh"

kitorg pon tgk la caesaer!! in d OT dey do vacuum delivery!!
but yet,,it was very difficult delivery..
poor maternal effort + Hypertension (systolic pressure rised till 188!!)..
lagipon..it was primigravida (first pregnancy)..
Atlast, vacuum delivery was failed..
n they proceed with lower segment caesaerian section..

Delivery kali ni sgt la difficult..
sekali tgk..mcm trauma je nk bersalin!! Smiley Faces
da la kne caesaer plus episiotomy lagi tuh..
Tp it worth to see the baby in a good condition eventhough der is little lacerations on his head..

Compare to caesaer..i do love to see normal delivery..
its more dramatic!!!ehehe...
Everybody puts some moral support to the mother..
especially the husband..
but, ade jugak certain2 husband yg takot tgk wife dorg bersalin..
so they prefer to wait outside..huhu..x best ar mcm tuh!! apelaaa..
bile lg nk tgk LIVE kan!!Smiley Faces

huhu..by 12 am der is no patient..
except for one private patient from ward khas..
ofcos la medical students not allowed to "kacau" them..
private kan..

So, we lepak2 kat meje midwives..
and had some enjoy + best discussion with green ward registra..DR. PRAVIN..
and yellow ward houseman..DR.FATIH..
Smiley Faces
Such a nice doctors..they not "lokek" to give some ilmu and share their experiences!!
furthermore, they are UKM's graduates..
so, lagi la bnyk cerite yg dorg cite..
Smiley Faces

ade grand ward round for my team ward..
tp luckily, der is no patient for me!!!!
I wish..der still no patient untill 8 am tomorrow!!!
So det i dont need to present my case to
prof Hatta and d geng..haha..
Smiley Faces

okey done for now..
jom tido!! =))
Smiley FacesSmiley Faces

~listening to 'bitter heart' by zee avi~


miss AIN said...

semlm prof shahrir ckp mase common lect,
"never wish for no patients!"
mst ALLAH akan jdkan yg sebaliknye!
semua gelak semlm..=))

ari slase rituh aku tertgk caesearian!
teruja gle..tp bler tgk baby tuh dibawak kuar, rase syukur sgt..
sume selamat!alhamdulillah~

Silence |n Here said...

besh nye.. aku penah berangan nak sambut baby n lambung2 kan baby org dulu. hik3

ctjuliana said...

miss ain : i wish for grand ward round only..hehe..thnk god!! xde patient smpi ptg..

tertgk?? ari tuh pon aku tetgk minor surgery kat blik surgery am..besa gile bilik die!! kalah ong nye bilik surgery!!

tgk caesaer x best sgt laa..
noiseless!! xde bunyi..
bunyi BP + pulse je lebeyh!

ctjuliana said...

messa : huishh ade plak lmbung ank org..
meh aku sambut ank ko nnti ek messa!! =D

Silence |n Here said...

woo ko nak sambut.. boleh2 no charges kan.. hik3.. ni syiokz ni ada kwn doctor

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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