to something u got to believe in..

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Arini, 31 mac 09..pkol 3, just finishing my OSPE exams..patotnye kne rse happy la kan sbb da hbes exam..but i feel d other way, rase x sdap hati..not really stisfied wit my performance during d exams..either theory paper or prctcal, they both d same..maybe x ckop usehe kat situ,,

CNS module, d most paper im worried many questions yg aku x ley jwb..jwb pon pkai tibai n logik akal je..huhuhu..hentah ke btl atau tidak..tawakal je,, ape yg aku taw..i should learn smethg from it..feeling of unsatisfied dgn diri sndr..meaning i have to improve a lot..

"bkn sng nk jwb pekse"....and...."bkn sng nk lulus apetah lg nk jd top scorer".. =DD cm ne la bdak2 yg len bole score..bnyk rse nye prbezaan dorg ngn aku..d main differences mestila "sifat malas" nk stdy..ehehehe...pape pon yg aku rse d saat back to Almighty Allah, he is d one det i believe d most..ape pon yg trjd der must b smethg behind it..depends on us how we take n use d chance given..

to my lovely emak..she smile at me as soon as im home after d exam..looking at her face, its enough to relieve my pressure..brain yg smemangnyer tgh oedema skrg ni, yg tggl tggu mse nk meletop je..rse kecut.. blk bile tgk mak magical our mum is.. =))

saje post gmba kat ats tuh..rse nk at las i leave it with its originality..tgh2 rse sedeyh ni rse lege n tenang je bile tgk gmba tuh..setenang tasek..sedamai hidupan hijau..secerah langet,,trase ade org yg mnemani bile trlihatkn 2 bekas minuman tuh..wpon tmpt die serendah ttp i appreciate u mak..n bangku tuh..bangku tu mngingatkn aku tntg seseorg..dan biarlah die mnjd rahsie hati ini..=))

to smethg u have to believe in..

have faith in whatever things det happen in ur life cause things wont happened wihout a reasons..dont ever loose hope or otherwise u might not enjoy to breath in dis beautiful world..

~mood song.. i believe i can fly~


NetBizSavvy said...

I find your blog very interesting. It was worth to read. Thanks for sharing.

miss AIN said...

i believe i can fly..
i believe i can touch d sky~~

nuezz said...

tp ak balik bilik arini x nmpak pon mak aku...
xpe2 esok ak balik rumah!
mama i'm coming!!!
i believe i can fly to0..
flying without wings~

ctjuliana said...

netbizsavvy : tq.. :)
miss Ain : yeahh..for sure cn touch d sky..pray harder beb ;))
Nuezz : haha..try tgk ko fly wihout ne la agknye tuh.. ;))

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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